2.2 AI Image Culling

AI Image Culling

Image culling is one of the most time-consuming steps of image editing and certainly the most boring one. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this frustrating feeling you get when it takes more time to pick the best shot than color grade it. Add the constant need to check image quality, and you get the recipe for a perfectly lifeless practice.

The good news is that you can easily automate this process using AI. You’ll still need to pick the final images, but AI will handle everything else.
When choosing AI image culling software, I’m looking for two essential features:
First of all, it should take care of all the faulty shots. I don’t want to spend a lot of time evaluating focus quality or searching for closed eyes in my photos.
Second, this app should speed up decision-making. Yes, the final choice is always on you because no one knows your images as well as you do. But AI should sort all the duplicates and similar images for you, making the final choice easier.
For my AI-powered workflow, I’ve chosen the Aftershoot app, which offers a new approach to image culling, where a human makes final decisions only.

Here is how it works:
First, you need to set up preferences that fit your photo shoot. Depending on these settings, the app will cull images more strictly or liberally.

Next, Aftershoot culls all the photos into groups by their similarity and tags them by quality and content.
Now, it’s your turn to approve these AI choices.
With left and right arrow keys, you can quickly switch between groups of similar images.
Inside a group, you can choose images with up and down arrow keys.
Aftershoot shows you all the faces on the image.

Also, you can quickly zoom in and switch between them using shortcuts. If you feel that another image is a better pick, you can quickly change your choice.
Currently, I’ve culled more than 49 000 images in Aftershoot, and it saved me an enormous amount of time.
In the second part of the course, we’ll dive deeper into Aftershoot preferences, and I’ll show you the best practices for auto-image culling.
Aftershoot has a 30-day free trial; feel free to test it with your images.
Plus, you can save 15% on Aftershoot using this code: ALEXONRAW